February 07, 2007

new site O-DESKTOPS.com

Some of you might remember a site I had awhile back (oakleyicon.com) that Oakley quickly bought off me. I had all kinds of oakley wallpapers and info on it. After Oakley took it over, I decided to go the blog rout and tried posting weekly. Well, that didn't work too well as I haven't updated it for over a year. I decided to revise the old oakleyicon layout and get a new domain name. So here it is guys: O-DESKTOPS.com

January 30, 2006

New Display!!

After 5 years of searching, I finally got another display case. I picked up one of the tall displays from a cycle shop. The guy was super nice. He said he wants to sale through all the glasses and stop carrying them. He said when their all gone, I get the other tall display as well.

I paid $150 for it and he through in 4 Oakley holders. The plexiglas has some scratches on it. I tried to buff them out as best I can but I think I'm just going to get new ones made.

January 08, 2006

33 Ford

January 06, 2006

New Wallpapers

January 05, 2006


The best movie of all time

Oakley board shorts

This is a POV pic taken on the cruse I went on this past summer.

January 01, 2006

Sportn' my Plates

December 30, 2005

Computer bag 2.0


December 29, 2005


As most of you probably know from reading my post on o-review.com, Oakley bought my domain name oakleyicon.com. A very nice lady from O contacted me and basically said that Oakley needs to protect the integrity of their name. She said I was permitted to keep the things I created on the web since it's in good taste. The buyout wasn't huge at all. I know I could have gotten $$$ if I really wanted to be an ass, but I really want to design for the company some day and I didn't want to be "red flagged."

She said she was going to forward my info to the graphic design department at Oakley. Shortly after talking to her, I got an email from someone at HQ saying the design team will be contacting me soon. So now I wait.

I decided to create an new site via blogger.com. It's been a pain in the ass trying to recode the site to get it to look the way I want. I think it looks better then the old one. What do you guys think?

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